Designer & Artist

About Me

My name is Patrick Westmoreland. I am an artist, graphic designer and website developer based in Hickory, NC. I am looking for owners of small businesses or startups in need of marketing materials. My expertise is in logoprint and web design.

My Vision

My vision is to help you realize your vision. Whether you're starting a new business, or have an existing business in need of a fresh perspective, my strengths are in helping you find the right visual language to best-relay your message.

My Work

All of my logos are custom-designed to capture your business identity in its simplest form.

Every business card, brochure or flyer reflects your business identity. A potential client's ability to recognize your brand is crucial to their decision-making process, so having a clean, concise, cohesive collection of marketing materials is a must.

All of the websites I design run on all modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer) - and are also optimized for mobile users, which make up over 50% of all internet traffic.